WFH Reboot Coaching Program

How to Reset, Refresh & Retain Talent during the Pandemic Crises

Our WFH Reboot Coaching Program provides a safe and non judgmental outlet to have the most important part of your organization - your employees - be heard and supported.

After 20 years of working in talent management (temp, full time, consulting, coaching), having spoken to over 100,000+ job seekers, known as an SME in the industry (interviewed live on Fox Business, quoted in numerous media including NY Sun, US News, Chicago Tribune,, etc), I relate to your people so let me help!

If interested in learning more and sharing your firms' concerns and challenges please schedule a discovery call with me on the link below.

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Revi Goldwasser

Founder and Recruiter

Revi Goldwasser launched her recruitment firm, Wall Street Personnel, in 2000. To date, she has read hundreds of thousands of resumes and worked with thousands of job seekers in all aspects of finding a job.

Revi Goldwasser is a sought after subject matter expert in everything and anything to do with finding a job. Her expertise and insights on hiring trends, job hunting tips and strategies were quoted in numerous media publications, including Sun Sentinel, Chicago Tribune, NY Sun,, as well as being interviewed live on Fox Business News.