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Blog, Blogging, Blogger and Blog Post – this can be your new career!

It seems anywhere you go today, you hear about someone’s Blog, or that they are a Blogger, or they are Blogging, so don’t disturb them, or that was a great Blog Post.  What the heck is going on with this Blogging business?

Exactly – Blogging IS a business. And turns out all those stay at home moms weren’t just busy raising their family and making delicious dinners. They were writing Blog Post articles about their recipes, they were blogging about what they ate for breakfast, they became known as Bloggers in their community and soon everyone wants to start Blogging!

I don’t know whether I should look right or left – but let’s break this down to simple steps!

Blog, Blogging, Blogger and Blog Post – this can be your new career!

What is a Blog?

Simply put it’s like having your very own web site, but instead, it’s an organized filing system of every single article you have ever written. Now usually Blogs tend to specialize in a certain niche, like cooking, or yoga, or photography, or travel, etc. So people then know you as an expert in your niche and often go back to your Blog to read about any new material you may be writing about.

Usually, we see at least one Blog Post (ie: fancy way of saying an article) a week, if not more, and there is always an interesting topic. There are some very famous and super successful bloggers out there that make from $ 10k a month up to $ 100K a month if not more. It’s really crazy if you think that this really all started from just writing articles about what you are passionate about.

What is Blogging?

Blogging is simply someone who Blogs or who is a Blogger and who is Blogging (ie: writing) about a certain content that will be published on his/her blog.  It’s really a GIG way of saying “writing.”

What is a Blogger?

A Blogger is a NOUN given to someone who blogs. It becomes your “profession” – oh what do you do? I’m a Blogger. Oh wow – what do you Blog about? I blog about travelling to Italy.  You see, that’s what a Blogger is – it’s your profession. In fact, if you are on LinkedIn that would be your title. If you apply for a job, you would say Blogger is your Job Title.

What is a Blog Post?

It’s simply an article you write inside your Blog and then you hit “PUBLISH” and when you do that you have a Blog Post that is live. It’s the same as writing an article, but articles are for magazines and newspapers; a blog post is for a Blog.

So where do you begin if you want to become a Blogger, and start Blogging about your niche by writing a Blog Post on your new Blog! (Now come on – that is funny!).

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