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4 Secrets that’ll Help You to Prepare

Are you planning to have a phone interview for your new job position? Here are 4 secrets that’ll help you to prepare for a phone interview and ace it!

Never EVER take a phone interview “off the cuff”. Make sure you are in a quiet room, no pets, windows closed, TV off, roommates or family members know you are on a real Interview so they won’t walk into the room.

If taking the call in an office, then close the door and be in a private room where you won’t be disturbed.



How to Prepare for a Phone Interview

This is the real deal, so treat it like an In-Person Interview. Find 16 Tips to Prepare for In-Person Job Interview over here!

  • Be focused, prepared and attentive.
  • Have the Job Description printed in front of you and have some bullet points of how your skill set relates well to the position.
  • Make sure your phone is charged and in working condition.



Phone Interview Prep Secrets

SECRET #1: Communication skills are the biggest component of a phone interview. If they can’t understand you they aren’t going to want to meet in person.

SECRET #2: Don’t eat, drink or chew gum during a phone Interview.

SECRET #3: Decide in advance which days and times are the best for you to have a phone Interview and where you would conduct the call.

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